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About us

Our mission, as a young and dynamic IT&C service provider, is to raise the bar in terms of professionalism, innovation, cost efficiency and exceeding the clients' expectations

The master plan

We set out to become the leading IT&C services providers in Europe and we have a plan.

Step 1: The Academy

The founder registers a company in order to provide something he can do an amazing job at it. That is telecommunications networks monitoring, troubleshooting, planning & design.

Lacking the contacts, experience or resources to get clients on this industry, he does the next best thing: he founds a unique private IT&C academy, called AMP Telecom University.

After quite a few sleepless nights, he has finished writing the courses content, contracting additional trainers, contracting classrooms etc.

AMP Telecom University provides top quality telecom professional development content in the general mobile telecom systems (GSM, UMTS, LTE), Radio Access Networks, Transmissions Networks, IMS Core etc.

We provide both instructor-lead and online training, in English.

Step 2: Recruitment Services

Word quickly got out of our unique, high quality courses and both local and international telecommunications companies started contacting us asking for recruitment services.

Thus, a new step has been unveiled and using the newly acquired experience, resources and contacts, AMP Networks & Communications gets its first big IT&C recruitment contracts.

We pride our self with our IT & Telecom Recruitment Divison that can reliably deliver the talent that our clients' organizations need.

We specialize in recruitment for companies in the IT (SysAdmin, Virtualization), Carrier grade telecom (VoLTE, IMS Core, GERAN, UTRAN, EUTRAN, Transmissions, CS Core), Web & Software Development (Java, .NET, C#, Front end, Back end, C++, Embedded), Database & Data Warehousing (Oracle SQL, Microsoft SQL, MySQL, PL/SQL, ETL Development), Quality Assurance & Testing etc.

Step 3: Consultancy & Solution Delivery

Thanks to the founder's extensive technical background, AMP Networks & Communications quickly got its first consultancy contract with one of the world's largest telecommunications operator.

Now, we are developing this division, looking to make it part of our core business.

Our consultants are top talents and are ready to be deployed within our customers’ organization or working from our office. They are mercenaries that will fulfill any project.

Step 4: Outsourcing/ Managed Services

As we expand on the previous steps, we are looking forward to achieving the goal of contracting our first big IT&C outsourcing project.

AMP Networks & Communications is investing in preparing and growing an elite Networks & Systems Assurance Center, which will deliver these services at very competitive cost-performance ratio.

We know that this Assurance Center, combined with our Telecom Academy, will bring unprecedented technical expertise to the market. (networks and systems monitoring/ supervision, maintenance, engineering & design)

Step 5: Top Secret

Check out our private IT&C academy, AMP Telecom University

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We attend multiple local tech events and support the evolution of students by sponsoring hackathons and providing technical training.

AMP Networks & Communications at IMWorld 2016

Internet & Mobile World 2016

Meeting with one of our Italian customers

AMP Networks & Communications at University hackathons

Politechnical University hackathon

Students signing up for our courses and checking out our tech demos

AMP Networks & Communications at IMWorld 2015

Internet & Mobile World 2015

Some of our trainees have visited our booth

Our Services

Courses & Training

Education is one of the most important driving forces of civilization. AMP Networks & Communications has taken on the mission to train future IT&C professional and to connect them with opportunities. In 2016, AMP Telecom University, has trained over 100 professionals, with a recruitment success rate of 100%.

Our programs include carrier grade mobile telecommunications networks, IP networking, Unix/ Linux, BigData Engineering(Spark w/ Python/ Scala) and Front/ Back-end WebDev.

Recruitment Services

At AMP Networks & Communications, our IT Recruitment Specialists benefit from technical training in the latest technologies, ensuring not only that your technical department's needs are well understood and met, but also that yout HR team is focusing on the internal activities that matter. Take into account our carefully selected network of IT&C professionals, and you will be amazed by our agility and quality.

We're great at recruiting programmers, solution architects, team leaders, middle managers, heads of department, network engineers, system administrators, BI developers, and many more IT&C specialists.

While you're here, make sure to check out JobIT, our IT & Telecom jobs platform..

Consultancy & Solutions Design

Our professional consultants can assist your organization, acting as facilitator or catalysts for progress, while the leadership remains in your hands.

We do our best consultancy work in the IT & Telecommunications sectors in activities such as solution design, engineering and assurance operations.


If your company is looking to reduce costs with operations while increasing performance levels, then you are looking for outsourcing, on-demand-outsourcing or managed services, and have come to the right place. Thanks to KPI and SLA oriented processes, your company can get the cost-quality ratio it's looking for.

Our pilot programs can help your company decide on our performance as AMP Networks & Communications is taking on not only technical projects like network assurance, network design, network engineering, fulfilment, system administration, software development , but also activities like help desk, service desk etc.

The client is always right

"Highly recommended:

AMP Networks & Communications is the best recruitment company I have worked with so far. Their approach is very fast and professional and brings competence to the table with a mix of a very positive and friendly attitude. The communication with them is easy and straight forward, as they quickly understand our needs. They have provided us with a workforce market study for IT Analysts in Romania and the recruitment of ERP developers."

Gabriele Canciani – Telecom Market Leader @ Spindox Italy

"Amazing team:

It was a pleasure to work with AMP networks&Communication. Great communication, great team!

I highly recommend them for IT recruitment projects."

Marina Trusca - HR Manager @ P.I. Works Romania

"Efficient communication & fast results:

Our collaboration with AMP Networks & Communications was based on a recruiting project.

They proved to be reliable partners, who paid attention to our needs and focused on delivering the best results in the shortest period of time.

The communication with the dedicated recruiter was efficient and always up to date and they managed to close our vacant position in no time"

Adriana Ros - HR Manager @ Signal Iduna

"A trusted partner for recruitment services:

I was very pleased with the collaboration with the AMP Networks team on identifying and recruiting candidates that fit our company's needs.

What amazed me in working with AMP networks more than other similar companies was the rigor with which they approached and led the whole process, which gave me the confidence that we are in good hands and made our life easier for me and my colleagues.

I warmly recommend AMP Networks as a trusted partner for recruitment services."

Andrei Frangeti - Managing Partner @ Binovate Labs

Get in touch with us

Office contact details:

Nicolae Titulescu 1, Building A7
Entrance C, 7th Floor
Bucharest, 1st District, Romania
Landline: +40 313 335 866